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Building Permits

"We're proud to be one of Victoria's longest existing and largest servicing building surveyors with extensive metropolitan and rural coverage."

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What Does A Building Surveyor Do?

The Role Of A Building Surveyor

In Australia, a Building Surveyor plays a large role in the initial planning and design process of any structure or building. A Building Surveyor’s main task is to ensure that the building or structure complies with the standards outlined in the Building Code of Australia, along with any other relevant Building Acts, legislation and jurisdiction requirements. A Building Surveyor can be either private or municipal, where their main responsibility lays with ensuring that the building or structure they permit is structurally safe, energy efficient and accessible.

How Much Is a Building Surveyor?

A Building Survey’s cost is largely dependant on the size, type of structure and location, and can vary depending depending on whether the Building Surveyor is private or municipal.

In Victoria, the typical cost for small construction projects lies between $500 and $1,000, and up to $2,000 for dwellings. Similarly to the Building Survey, these prices are determined by the size and scope of the building works.

Why Do You Need A Building Surveyor?

Using a Building Surveyor is always advised prior to commencing any building project. To ensure that your building is safe and complies with the building legislation and regulations, it is recommended to have a Building Surveyor inspect and ensure that your building meets the minimum standards and safety requirements prior to commencing any construction work.


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