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Pool Fencing Regulations

The Building Code of Australia 2011 introduced many new building guidelines and best practices in order to standardise the building industry and improve safety.  This updated code of practice introduced new pool fencing regulations that all new pools must now conform to.

As a fully Registered Building Surveyor, Code HQ offers a pool consultation service to help ensure your pool conforms with the new pool fencing regulations.

The new pool fencing regulations state that:

  • All pools must have a safety barrier
  • Safety barriers should be of a particular height
  • Pool fencing should include self-closing and self-latching gates
  • Pools should not be accessible via external doors from dwellings or other outbuildings

These new pool fencing regulations place higher emphasis on safety and maintenance of swimming pool barriers. If you require a pool consultation to make sure your pool complies with all the new pool fencing regulations, please contact Code HQ today.

Pool Consultation from Code HQ

Code HQ offers a pool consultation service to determine if your proposed pool safety barrier will comply with the pool fencing regulations as introduced by AS1926.1 and the Building Code of Australia prior to final inspection.

Please call us for pricing details.


Please contact us to arrange a pool consultation. There are two type of services offered:
(a) Verbal on-site advice in the presence of the owner
(b) Where required, a follow-up written report (report incurs additional fees).

Pool regulations Victoria

As one of the leading Building Surveyors in Victoria, Code HQ is perfectly placed to provide assistance with the swimming pool regulations Victoria and swimming pool standards.