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Building Permits

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Do I need a planning permit?

A Building Permit cannot be issued if a Planning Permit is also required. Planning Permits are issued by your local council.

There are many triggers that result in a Planning Permit being required. We recommend you contact your local council to determine if your building works require a Planning Permit.

You can download a copy of the Planning Permit application here.

Find your local council using the following link then search for 'Planning Permit' on their website:


What is a Planning Permit?

A Planning Permit is a legal document that gives permission to develop and/or use land in a particular way or change the use of the existing dwelling. This includes:

  • New units or multi-dwellings
  • Extensions to dwellings on lots less than 300m2
  • Subdivision of land and/or buildings
  • Uses seeking reduced car parking requirements

Some fences even require a Planning Permit so you're always best to check with your council early to avoid potential delays later.