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Building Permits

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Pool and Spa FAQs

Do I need a Building Permit for my swimming pool or spa?

Swimming Pools and Spas (both in-ground and above-ground) greater than 300mm in depth, require a Building Permit:

  • Before construction starts
  • To install or alter a swimming pool or spa safety barrier including all windows, doors and gates that provide access to the pool area

Common questions we can assist you with:

  • Does my swimming pool /spa barrier comply with regulations?
  • Can we use the existing timber paling fence as a pool barrier?
  • What obligation does your neighbour have to your swimming pool barrier?
  • The pool/spa is no longer used- what are my obligations?
  • What financial penalties apply under the building regulations for non-compliant barriers?
  • Can Owner Builders install pools?

We carry out onsite inspections of swimming pool and spa barriers to ensure that a swimming pool enclosure comply with current Australian Standards.

We provide solutions to areas of non-compliance.

All swimming pool owners should understand their public liability.