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Building Permits

"We're proud to be one of Victoria's longest existing and largest servicing building surveyors with extensive metropolitan and rural coverage."

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Acquire the Necessary Verandah/Pergola Permit

Most Verandahs and Pergolas (unroofed structure) will require a Building Permit however there are instances where a Building Permit may not be required if certain criteria are met. Please contact our friendly staff today to find out if your Verandah or Pergola requires a Building Permit.

Gain a Permit for Your Verandah/Pergola with Us

Please contact us for the exact Building Permit requirements for your Verandah/Pergola.

We Can Give You a Building Permit for Your Verandah/Pergola

Nicholson Wright have dedicated staff to manage all aspects of the Verandah/Pergola Building Permit process.








Building Permit Fees

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