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Building Permits

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Fence Building Permits

A Building Permit may be required for front, side and boundary fences. Depending on where the fence will be located there may also be different height requirements. You may still be able to have a fence above the height limit but this is only permitted if you obtain Report & Consent from your local Council. They will determine if the fence is going to have an impact on pedestrians, drivers or neighbours.

All structures, including footings must be located within the property where the works are being carried out.

  • Front Fences within 3m of a VicRoads declared roads are to be no more than 2m in height and for non-declared roads they must not breach 1.5m (in most Councils). If you obtain Report & Consent from your local Council you may be able to build higher.
  • If your fence is within 9m of a street intersection it must not exceed 1m in height.

When do I need a fence Building Permit?

All side boundary fences 2m or greater will require a building permit.

A fence being used as a Swimming Pool Safety Barrier will always require a Building Permit regardless of height. This may also include side and rear boundary fences, if they form part of the pool barrier.

This information should be used as a general guide only. It's always best to contact our friendly staff for clarification.

Building Permit Fees

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