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Building Permits

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Certificate of Final Inspection

What is a Certificate of Final Inspection?

A Certificate of Final Inspection is a statutory document issued under the Building Act 1993.

A Certificate of Final Inspection is issued for extensions or alterations to existing buildings (including homes) as well as other outbuildings that do not require an Occupancy Permit. The need for a Certificate of Final Inspection will be indicated on your Building Permit. 

Why is a Certificate of Final Inspection required?

The main purpose of the Certificate of Final Inspection is to allow the Building Surveyor to certify that he/she is satisfied that the Building Works have been completed in accordance with the Building Permit documentation and relevant building legislation. It is also an important tool to identify a date for the commencement of the liability period for the Registered Building Practitioners involved with the project.

The Certificate of Final Inspection:

  • Clearly describes the works completed, AND
  • Lists the date of approved inspections.

When can a Certificate of Final Inspection be issued?

A Certificate of Final Inspection can be issued upon successful completion of the Final Inspection, following the final mandatory notification stage of the building work.

Important: Certificate of Final Inspection Timing

Once building works are completed, the owner must request a Final Inspection to be completed prior to use or occupation of the building and prior the Building Permit lapsing.

Call to book your Final Inspection on (03) 9555 9511.

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