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Building Permits

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Owner Builder Steps

Becoming an Owner Builder may seem like a daunting task but it can be made easy if the following steps are followed:


Determine if an Owner Builder Certificate is required.

Assess the value of the cost of works to determine if it will be over $16,000. An Owner Builder Certificate will be required this must be obtained through the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) for all domestic works.


Determine if a Planning Permit is required.

Contacting your local council is an essential part of the Owner Builder process; you will need to speak to the Planning Department and determine whether a Planning Permit is required for your proposed works.


Gather all required documents including:

  • -Site Plan,
  • -Elevations,
  • -Engineering and Certificate of compliance from the engineer,
  • -Certificate of Title and any other documents listed on the title e.g. Covenants or Sections 173 agreements,


Prepare any additional documentation for external buildings (outbuildings).

Depending on the type of building project extra documents may be required. If you refer to our application checklists you will be able to gain a better understanding of what exactly is required whether your project is a Pool, Deck, Verandah, Shed or Dwelling



Complete an Application Form and Owners Consent form.

Once this has all been collected, fill in one of our Application Forms and Letter of Appointment and send in with all necessary documents.


Here at Code HQ we pride ourselves on our ability to ease the Owner Builder process and are willing to help with any questions or queries you may have.