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Building Permits

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Owner Builder Permits – why you need one

Owner builder permits are a requirement for anyone wanting to take responsibility for the construction or renovation of a domestic dwelling on their own land who are not already in the building trade.

If you are thinking of becoming an Owner Builder then Code HQ can help you. As fully registered Building Surveyor, we can provide expert advice and information regarding obtaining owner builder permits and certificates of consent for your owner builder project.

How to get owner builder permits

In order to obtain owner builder permits, applicants have to fill in an owner builder application form which will state that the applicant:

  • Owns the land on which the building work is proposed
  • Intends to live in the property being built

Owner Builder Requirements

As well as those listed above there are many more Owner Builder requirements that applicants must adhere to in order to be granted owner builder status.  It is important to remember that individuals who receive Owner Builder Permits take on all the responsibilities and risks of the building project. It is therefore worth familiarising yourself with all the owner builder requirements before you commit to a project.

For more information on owner builder permits and the owner builder requirements that govern the application of them, visit our owner builder FAQs and owner builder checklist pages for more details.  




Building Permit Fees

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