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Building Permits

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Owner Builder Checklist

Becoming an owner-builder can be a rewarding and fulfilling journey. Whether you are renovating or constructing your own home, creating your dream outdoor entertaining area or making general improvements to your property, being an owner builder puts you in control of the building project. However, an owner-builder also has to take on a lot of responsibilities and make important decisions throughout the building process.

Building a home involves a large number of tasks, so to be successful as an owner-builder requires a strong knowledge base and a range of skills beyond the building, including project planning, supervision, financial management and communication.

We have put together this useful owner-builder checklist so that you can be sure you are aware of some of the items that are expected of you as an owner-builder, and help you ensure you do not forget any of your responsibilities throughout the project.

If you're interested in becoming an owner-builder, you can find out more at our owner builder permits page.

Essential Owner Builder Checklist

Whether you are wanting to become an owner-builder or have already begun your owner builder project, our essential owner-builder checklist will guide you through the process and provide useful help and support.  Read below for our step by step owner-builder checklist:


  • If the value of your project exceeds $16,000 you will need to apply for a Certificate of Consent from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) by sending in a completed form and the required fee

  • A Certificate of Consent can only be granted to owner-builders who own the property/land where the building work will be carried out and who intend to live at the residence once the project is completed

  • Once you have obtained a Certificate of Consent, and all other relevant documentation has been submitted and approved, the Building Surveyor can then grant a Building Permit for the project

  • You may only carry out one Owner Builder project every three years as the property owner


Our owner builder checklist is not an exhaustive list, but does feature the important and most common aspects of the owner builder process. There are a number of Owner Builder short courses available at TAFE for prospective Owner Builders which we strongly recommend all new Owner Builders to complete.

If you require further assistance regarding becoming an owner-builder contact Code HQ today for a free, no obligation quote.