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Building Permits

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What Renovations Require A Building Permit?

Do you need a building permit for renovations?

Making renovations to your home or business can be an exciting time for anyone. Bringing together the feelings of excitement and stress when deciding on the final details of the project, it can become easy to overlook some crucial steps before actually taking any action.

The requirements for a building permit vary from state to state, although, most of the time at least one permit is required when undergoing renovations.   

Common renovations that will likely need a permit include:


While not all fences require a permit to begin construction, set height restrictions for each municipality may require a permit for fences that exceed the set height limit. 

Footprint changes

When the layout or footprint of your home is adjusted, where alterations are being made to any bedrooms in the house, including decks, sheds and garages a permit is required

New windows or doors

A permit is required for any new openings being made to the house, for instance a new window or door. Replacing an existing window or door does not need a permit if the opening already exists. 


Installing new or removing hose bibs outside your house will often require a permit. 


Installing new electrical wiring or adding circuits will often require a permit.

Structural changes

Projects that involve making changes to the house’s support system will require a permit.  These may include changes to a balcony or deck. 

Wall cladding / Siding 

Often, most municipalities will require a permit when changes are made to wall cladding or siding. 

Water heater

A permit is required when installing a new water heater.

Driveway & garage

Building a new driveway and/or a garage will require a building permit.


Any changes to the roofline, or re-roofing including structural elements will require a permit.

Instances where a permit is not required include:

Bathroom & kitchen

Bathroom or kitchen fixture replacements or modifications that do not affect the plumbing, i.e. replacing a faucet or toilet.

Customising walls

Wallpapering and painting do not require a permit.


The installation of new flooring, i.e. carpeting or hardwood floors.


Fences below the municipal's required height will not require a permit.


The installation of new benchtops or countertops.

Minor electrical repairs

Minor electrical repairs, i.e. replacing an outlet or light fixture.

How do I get a building permit?

A Building Surveyor with current and relevant registration is firstly required before applying for a Building Permit. Once acquired, to apply for a Building Permit you will need to proceed with either of the following:

Apply through your choice of a municipal or private building surveyor

Pay a fee, Building Permit levy and submit at least 3 copies of drawings and specifications, along with allotment and completed application form and other prescribed information.


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