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Building Permits

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The Basics of an Occupancy Permit

What is an Occupancy Permit?

An Occupancy Permit, also known as an Occupation Permit, is often required once the construction of a building or space has been completed. The purpose of an Occupancy Permit is to provide proof that the building structure that has been built is safe and suitable for use.

What is the significance of an occupancy certificate?

The Occupancy Permit will outline the conditions of use for the building, which should include a safety brief, and the maximum number of people it is suitable to accommodate for. Depending on your building, the building permit will specify whether an Occupancy Permit will be required or not. 

When are Occupancy Permits required?

In most cases, an Occupancy Permit is required for a building structure that will be used for public entertainment purposes. Building work for a new home (including units or apartments) will always require an Occupancy Permit to be issued. Examples of instances when you will require an Occupancy Permit is:

  • New dwellings

  • Change of use

A Certificate of Final Inspection is issued for extensions or alterations to existing homes, which do not require an occupancy permit.

When can an Occupancy Permit be issued?

An Occupancy Permit can be issued when a Final Inspection has been carried out and the Building is deemed fit for occupation. These include:

  • Water supply

  • Sanitary and cooking facilities

  • Smoke alarms

  • Safety glass

  • Handrails

  • Balustrades

What is needed to get an Occupancy Permit?

We may request certificates or statements from various practitioners involved in the construction of the building to confirm that the building is suitable for occupation. 

Certificates may be required from the electrician and plumber for example, to show that power is connected and the smoke alarms are operational or that water, sewer and stormwater have been connected. 

How to get an Occupancy Permit 

If a Building Permit states that an Occupancy Permit is required for the whole of a building, a person must not occupy that building unless the relevant Building Surveyor has issued an Occupancy Permit. An Occupancy Permit is issued upon satisfactory completion of building works and where the building or space is fit for occupation.

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